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The story

The new brand needed to instill trust and professionalism in the hearts and minds of both crypto beginners needing support and reliable educational content to encourage greater confidence; and seasoned investors looking for a premium service.

BitPrime started labelling itself as a brokerage and not an exchange. These terms were not quite the right fit as customers were purchasing from their stocks. After working through brand and content strategy workshops, it became clear that the correct term to use was ‘retailer’. Insights such as these contribute greatly to the overall business concept and guide many business decisions moving forward. BitPrime’s brand as a retailer needed to be professional, authoritative, innovative, and bring a human touch to a tech-based industry. The logo represents concepts of human, nature, stars, abundance, and technologies turning and changing.

Improving the user experience of the new customer application process was a critical aspect of the new website design. BitPrime was experiencing a 50% failure rate in new submissions and was a huge barrier to growth for the business. We pulled each step of the verification process apart and designed a clean step-by-step form with supporting help text and visual examples to guide the user. BitPrime now enjoys a healthy success rate for new submissions.

BitPrime website
BitPrime website
Web form UI design
Ecommerce UI design

Services provided

Brand strategy


Content strategy and content writing

UX/UI/Website design

Marketing collateral design, print and signage

SEO keyword research